Hyperinflation Prepping could happen in your country, it could happen in mine. It could happen in the USA. This is going to seem a bit convoluted in my telling, but the potential is there. Allow me to expand on this a bit further…

US Dollar Standard

Hyperinflation PreppingThis is not an assumption, it is based on facts. China has billions of USA dollars, stored away. It’s considered a state secret exactly how much cash they have on hand, but some 30 or so years ago there was a video showing pallets full of cash, literal hundreds of millions, then. This is due to an agreement we have had with Saudi Arabia. This is where a short history lesson comes in.

In the 1940s, US oil prospectors and investors went to Saudi Arabia to drill for oil. They found the mother load, so-to-speak. They began drilling, and they owned all the wells there. To buy American Oil in Saudi Arabia, other countries had to pay in US Dollars. So, US Dollars became the de facto standard to trade in for oil. As such, the American Dollar became the most traded, and a standard across the world.

Until at least 2020, that was still true. But the war in Ukraine, by Russia, has made a change. Russia demanded that countries pay in Rubles for their oil, making their currency still relevant as sanctions have limited their trading. This comes as American and some European countries are pulling out of China, leading to the devaluing of the Ruble. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is now directly trading with China, not using the US Dollar.

If China were to release those dollars into our economy—perhaps as gifts to Chinese Americans living here, Hyper-Inflation could take over in the USA. Of course, it’s not in China’s best interest to do that. But it is why a war with China, could easily devastate our economy. To prevent hyperinflation, it’s for this reason that raising the interest rates at the Federal Reserves is doubly important to Americans, and by extension the rest of the world, as many countries are tied to our economically. This is one of the reasons you need to be aware of Hyperinflation Prepping as a possibility.

Hyperinflation Prepping

Hyperinflation Prepping entails being ready for the worst-case scenario while hoping for the best. Although it is highly improbable that Hyperinflation will occur in the US, countries with authoritarian leaders are more susceptible to this issue, as these leaders have a tendency to print money indiscriminately. In fact, this has happened on numerous occasions in the past, underscoring the need to contemplate Hyperinflation Prepping.

Acquire and possess arable Land. Cultivate and produce something on it. It is not necessarily mandatory to farm, but farming is an activity that many preppers should already be engaging in to some extent. In the event of hyperinflation, being able to grow your own food and sustain both yourself and your family is of utmost importance!

Stock up on essentials. During hyperinflation, the prices of essential goods and services may rise rapidly, making it difficult for you to afford them. At this point, it is more critical than ever to have the things you need, to live your life comfortably. These might be foods, meds, herbs (if you take them), or even toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, shavers) and should all be a part of your Hyperinflation Prepping kit.


Diversify your investments. Hold various assets, including gold, silver, stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, vehicles, and even cryptocurrencies. We highly recommend holding your crypto in this exchange, but for quick payments and trading, we recommend this one. It’s important to limit for exposure to a single asset class. You can even invest in Inflation-protected securities, such as Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). They provide a hedge against inflation by adjusting their principal value in line with inflation rates.

Hold diverse foreign currencies! The most convenient approach is to establish an account with this astute company. You can securely hold balances in the currencies of your preference (cryptocurrency, regrettably, NOT supported). Additionally, you can effortlessly send and receive funds for exceedingly low fees (I, personally, use it when I order vital medicines to be imported). However, I also use them in my Hyperinflation Prepping but also Forex trading!

Save your hard-earned money! Saving money can provide you with a substantial financial cushion when prices start to rise. Simultaneously, contemplate reducing your expenses by paying down loans or cancelling services that are not essential. This will make it easier for you to save money as well!

Remember to always have some cash on hand. When hyperinflation does hit, people will frantically rush to withdraw their money from the banks. When everyone tries to withdraw their money at once, this will cause banks to limit the amounts they can physically provide until the government can print more. This, in turn, will also cause hyperinflation to skyrocket.

Keep up with Musk

No, don’t go out and buy Doge. Instead, stay well-informed. I understand that you may prefer not to watch the news, as it can be exceedingly nerve-wracking to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world each day. Nevertheless, acquiring knowledge by reading the news will enable you to take action by monitoring inflation and exchange rates. Additionally, it will assist you in keeping a watchful eye on economic indicators, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.


Hyperinflation is scary. If you do not engage in any Hyperinflation Prepping whatsoever, there is no way to determine whether you will be able to safeguard your family. It is crucial to undertake some form of preparation that will protect your family from looters and those who may attempt to raid your home. Your optimal strategy is to prepare and remain cognizant of what could occur.


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