As a prepper, I have 3 Eye-Opening Reasons not to panic about Nuclear War. More countries are becoming armed with nuclear weapons. At first, there was the United States, then Russia and China.

Reasons not to panic about Nuclear War

Nuclear WarToday, there are 9 countries that currently have nuclear weapons, but the technology to build them is out there. The technology involved is the energy released from splitting an atom, called fusion. Binding atoms, called fission, also releases energy, but it’s not currently set up to be a weapon. It’s not something we have to worry about right now, the last test lasted about 1 minute. Most likely it would provide limitless energy, that in itself is a weapon for energy starved nations.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization, aka NATO

One of the founding principles of NATO is Article 5 of its charter, which states an armed attack on one member nation would be considered as an attack on all, including Nuclear War. In addition to contributing to the war effort in Afghanistan, NATO member nations responded by helping the U.S. military with airspace defense and security over the United States and with maritime patrols in the Mediterranean Sea to guard against movement of weapons and terrorists. 

Why we shouldn’t worry about nuclear bombs right now

Here’s my 3 reasons on why Nuclear War, is not a threat. For discussion, I will call “we” or “us” to include all of NATO countries.

  1. We, do not need to worry about war from Russia because they aren’t a threat except a nuclear war – their hardware and human supplies are very low thanks to NATO backing Ukraine this time around in Russian transgressions. For context, we provided no support for the war in Ukraine when Russia invaded to take Crimea. It was actually predicted that Russia would again invade to steal their natural resources too. But there’s been a belief that once Russia stole those, then they would slowly take back more countries that seceded from the USSR. Some of those are NATO countries, so to prevent that from occurring, NATO backed Ukraine this time around.
    • If Russia were to bomb Ukraine with a nuclear weapon, the radiation would drift into NATO countries, which would then be used as a reason to utilize Article 5.
  2. China, doesn’t want nuclear war either. They, however, are currently our greatest threat militarily. It would be suicide to go to war – not because we would over power them, but because it would be an economic disaster. They keep their currency artificially low, to sell products to the rest of the world. We have a working global economy in this way. War, would mean economic collapse for both our countries and all of NATO too, likely.
    • Of note, is that Putin met with Chairman Xi of China. Putin asked for weapons. As yet, we have seen no indication they have complied; however, they did agree to make closer ties.
  3. The Middle East won’t be able to mount an attack on NATO because they are militarily inferior. However, they would be a threat in their home community/country. They could attack our facilities in our country, but this would be considered a terrorist attack from a rogue faction, not a nuclear strike.
    • Iran has been trying for many years to produce a nuclear bomb and to enrich radioactive materials. However, our allies in the region have thus been successful in preventing this from happening by sabotage and assassinations.

Nuclear War is highly unlikely to hit Ukraine, let alone other NATO countries because attacking one, is attacking another. We do have to worry about a nuclear threat, but that’s about it. So prepare a bomb shelter, with provisions and potassium iodide, and 4000 mg of vitamin per person. Likely there’s no imminent threat.


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