There is a ton of debate over the 3 Guns you need if SHTF, and depending on who you ask, will net you a different resulting answer. On a personal level, I think of defensive against other individuals trying to take my stuff or harm my loved ones, and hunting for game. Of course, there’s always that chance you want to hunt for others—but that’s not part of my scenario here. I should mention, I am no expert. I did, however, enlist the help of a few gun experts to help me write this guide.

3 Guns you need if SHTF

Before I spoke with some gun experts about the 3 Guns you need if SHTF, my choices were a 30-06 rifle for hunting (it will take down a bear or deer), 12 gauge shotgun for defense, and a 9 mm for close range defending purposes. But I found out a 9 mm isn’t really the best weapon as people, enraged animals, and even vehicles can just absorb the bullets and keep coming at you. I have been told it is between a .38 caliber and a .22 caliber for slug size. Again, the experts have spoken, and apparently I was on the right track, but needed to do some refining. 

First Gun

Our first pick of the 3 Guns you need if SHTF, is the choice of 2 different guns. Depending on the situation, will merit which one you should carry. It all depends on if there is law, or none. If you need to conceal the weapon, or not.

.40 Caliber handgun

3 Guns you need if SHTF - .40 caliber pistol Let’s start with a powerful handgun. If you don’t need to conceal it, a handgun has no purpose, it’s a wasted gun. But if you need to conceal carry a weapon, then our choice of weapon is the reliable .40 caliber. It’s a slower, heavy slug because it’s also larger than a streamlined, efficient 9 mm, but at the same time, it has some impressive, devastating stopping power.

The example I can give you, for 3 Guns you need if SHTF, is that when a towering, intimidating man is coming at you, with menacing, deadly intent, this person might absorb several 9 mm bullets, but the devastating .40 caliber is going to stop him dead. The main downside of this weapon, is that it’s like holding a hefty, unwieldy brick. They are incredibly heavy, but remarkably well-made and won’t likely jam. Take a look at this Hi-Point 34010 JCP Black Semi Auto Pistol in .40 Caliber.

Again, that’s if you can or still need to conceal carry. If not, then we move on to longer guns…

.22 Caliber Rifle 3 Guns you need if SHTF - Rossi .22 Caliber RifleA reliable .22 caliber rifle is an excellent choice to have instead of a hand gun because, the truth of the matter, it’s superb for hunting small game, like rabbits or pigeons. It is also significantly quieter than a .40 caliber, which is beneficial for when there might be other humans around. Some call them plinkers, which is another way of saying target practice. But I can assure you, that with the right shot, even these babies will take down some medium-sized game. You can find the Rossi RS22 .22 Caliber rifle here.

Pro Tip: If you ever read “furniture” mentioned in a gun description, they are talking about the gun stock.

Second Gun

Our 2nd pick of the 3 Guns you need if SHTF. This one can be varied per your preferences, but we chose a wonderful gun for you to have.

12 Gauge Shotgun

3 Guns you need if SHTF - 12 Gauge MossbergThere are a few options you can do with this weapon. First, you can use a choke, which allows your scatter shot to actually group much closer together. A 12 gauge is a very common shell, so we can expect to be able to find more ammunition, should we survive the SHTF situation we find ourselves in. Here’s the 12 Gauge Mossberg 50694 for your perusal. Why Mossberg, and not a cheaper shotgun? Pure and simple; Quality.

Then, you can use different type of shot, depending on which critter you are aiming your weapon at. For example, we have buck shot, bird shot, and even rifle slugs. Bird shot should be used to hunt smaller game, including birds. Bird shot is a smaller pellet size than buckshot and is less likely to damage the meat than buck shot, which has a larger pellet size. Here’s a video you need to watch to understand the difference between rifled slugs and rifled barrel on a shotgun.

Small game hunting tips

  1. Be Stealthy: Small game such as rabbits and pigeons have keen senses, so it’s important to approach them quietly and slowly. Stay low, move slowly, and avoid making sudden movements.
  2. Use Decoys: You can use decoys, such as stuffed rabbits or pigeons, to attract live game to a specific area. This can make it easier to get a shot.
  3. Take the shot: When you have a clear shot, aim for the head or chest of the animal. This will ensure a quick, humane kill.
  4. Follow local laws: Hunting should only be done in areas where it’s legal and safe to do so. Always follow local laws and regulations, and make sure to handle all firearms safely at all times.

3rd Gun

Finally, our 3rd pick of the 3 Guns you need if SHTF. As much as the United States wants to ban them, assault weapons do have a place in our world. More so, than say, a sniper weapon.

Assault Rifle

3 Guns you need if SHTF- AR15The powerful and versatile AR-15 Assault Rifle is a highly customizable and adaptable firearm, capable of being reconfigured in a multitude of ways to suit a variety of applications, from hunting to target shooting to home defense. It can be compared to Legos due to its remarkable versatility and customizability, including changing the caliber.

It can be adapted to fit a variety of applications, from hunting to target shooting to home defense. The rifle can be built to suit a specific purpose, with different uppers, barrels, triggers, and other components. With the right parts, an AR-15 can be tailored to fit any shooter’s needs.

For example, a hunter can use a single lower receiver to accept different upper receivers fitted with barrels chambered in various calibers. For instance, they can use an upper chambered in .223 Remington, for medium-sized critters, and then swap it out for an upper chambered in .300 Blackout for boars or deer. Additionally, they can build super-light rifles for mountain hunts or bull-barrel rifles for long-range or stand hunting.

Here’s a basic AR15 Assault gun, to get you started with our 3 Guns you need if SHTF guide.

Large Game Hunting Tips

  1. Research the area you plan to hunt. Learn about the terrain, the local wildlife, and the best times of year to hunt.
  2. Get the right gear. Invest in quality hunting equipment such as a rifle, scope, and camouflage clothing.
  3. Practice shooting. Make sure you are comfortable and accurate with your rifle before heading out into the field.
  4. Scout the area. Look for signs of animal activity such as tracks, droppings, and rubs.
  5. Be patient. Large animals can be difficult to spot and may require a lot of patience to locate.
  6. Use a decoy. If you are hunting deer, a decoy can help attract them to your location.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of the wind direction, the sun, and any other factors that could affect your hunt.
  8. Stay safe. Always follow safety protocols and wear the proper safety gear.

Conclusion to the 3 Guns you need if SHTF

We told you our recommendations for the 3 Guns you need if SHTF, but you should also have a field dressing kit, hunting knife and a bow. However, if you don’t plan to do long hours practicing holding and aiming your bow, you might opt to go with a Crossbow.


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