To fully understand how we are different from the many comparable websites out there, we should start with telling you about Prepper Info. Preppers are those who use news and intelligence sources to get ready for upcoming shortages by stocking up on supplies. It’s a mindset that sets us apart from non-preppers, as knowing what is coming allows us to be ready when Shit Hits the Fan. 

About Prepper Info

Preppers and Survivalists are not Prepper Infoexclusive to each other, you can be both. However, a true survivalist is someone who can go out into the wilderness with 10–20 items and live for weeks or years, apart from the rest of humanity. Meanwhile, Preppers will often stay at home, reaping their gardens, preps, and not struggle for anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years. Wikipedia will tell you that these two subgroups are actually one and the same, defined as survivalist. However, you will agree that there are differences in them that make them stand apart.

There are also homesteaders who typically buy a parcel of land and build their home. A homesteader will try to live completely off grid, using solar cells, wind or water turbines, a generator or just a wood stove. They may or may not have electricity, but will strive to be self-sufficient, needing little to no outside help. However, that does not mean that they have little work to do. Instead, most of their day might be dispersed between feeding livestock, weeding a garden, cutting firewood, maintaining their homestead, and even cooking meals.


We will strive to not only provide you with Prepper Info, but also news and guides which, we feel, are relevant to all preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders. As of 2020, about 7% of all people living in and outside the USA consider themselves to be prepping in one form or another. While most of the information we will share with you here can be used in other countries to achieve self-sufficiency, we will mainly focus on those living within North America.

Membership has its benefits

Unlike many of the free sites out there, we are also going to be offering something unique to those who are willing to pay a monthly fee as an exclusive member. We will be providing members with eBooks in PDF, epub, and mobi formats that you can print or save to a device. Members will also receive exclusive offers and a link to a Telegram channel which will help them to obtain preps that you can’t just buy at any store – some might not even be sold in your area. While I cannot for legal purposes discuss that here, let me assure you that the savings could mean hundreds or thousands in savings in a single year.

Membership will become available in the coming weeks. Let me assure you, some digital items are NOT available anywhere else. 


Besides offering Member exclusive items, we will also have a store on this site for those who wish to prepare with physical items which have been tested by us. It will include herbs which every prepper should have in their bug-out-bag and at home. Some items might be hand held saws which can be used as defensive weapons or certain legal herbs that are extremely effective on mitigating pain.

Prepper Info final words

There are so many websites out there, that are astonishing – but there are none that will offer you the value that you will find with Prepper Info. To be exact, we plan to bring you exclusive guides – but most importantly, not to repeat the same guides over and over, rehashed to appear different. We hope you will agree that we truly ARE different.


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