H5N1 Safety ProtocolsDepending on whether the Avian Flu achieves Human to Human (H2H) transmission or not, will determine which H5N1 Safety Protocols you will need to use. The worst-case scenario is that H5N1 achieves transmission by mixing with COVID-19 Omicron. The Omicron variant has an average basic reproduction number (R0) of 9.5 and a range from 5.5 to 24 (median 10 and interquartile range[1][2], IQR: 7.25, 11.88). This means that on average, each person infected with the Omicron variant will infect 9.5 other people, with a range of 5.5 to 24 depending on the specific situation. Omicron is not our worry, though, so new safety protocols are not needed for that virus.

Worst-Case Scenario

Now, if H5N1 achieves Human to Human (H2H) transmission, we could see a whole swath of people die out quickly. There is a potential benefit to the virus in question. Unlike COVID-19, it is likely to cause a rapid burnout if H2H is achieved, because of its mortality rate of 42% to 58%. The caveat for this, it would only occur in countries that promptly implemented strict protocols and quarantine measures. The crucial factor being the speed at which these measures are enacted. It would be essential to establish these measures before any individuals could flee from the quarantine area, potentially carrying the virus with them and introducing it to other regions.

This is what happened with COVID-19 in China. A quarantine zone was set up back in 2019, and people left the area, before it could be properly cinched closed. Thus began the pandemic that we all know so well. It is also the reason for which there was a 2-month shutdown here in the United States, which burned supply lines and businesses alike. However, with a high R0 AND a high mortality rate, these are undoubtedly the H5N1 Safety Protocols we would need to burn out the virus quickly, sacrificing a few, for the many via quarantining.

Prepare for H5N1 in Humans Spotlight

H5N1 H2H Prepping

H5N1 Safety ProtocolsWe have tried to think of the best H5N1 Safety Protocols for you to follow. Should transmission of H5N1 cross from humans to humans, your best bet is to Bug Out to somewhere you can live off the land, entirely isolated.

If that’s not possible, then Bugging-In completely isolated is the next best choice. If even that is not possible, then you will need to follow the following H5N1 Safety Protocols as soon as possible. This prepper event, is one which most health departments are now considering a priority. The sooner you implement these H5N1 Safety Protocols, the safer you will be.

Our first and most important prep is to buy as many real 3M N95’s as you can afford, right now. If you can’t find n95’s, get KN95s, which loop around your ears. This is probably the next best prep. If we already have H2H H5N1 transmission, and you are reading this now, you can still use surgical masks. However, mask protocols state you should replace them every 2 hours.

TIP: Use an ear saver strap that connects the strings in the back of your head if using surgical masks or KN95’s. This will keep the mask tight to your face, forcing infected air through the mask’s surfaces.

H5N1 Safety Protocols (assuming H2H is active)

  1. You also need some sort of eye shield such as goggles or a full face mask, not face shields. Face shields actually cause a false sense of security – if the virus reaches the ability to transmit via water droplets like Covid-19 did, then you can get a virus load trapped in your breathing air pocket.
  2. DO GET vaccinated when the vaccine is available. It will likely be 2 shots, about 3 weeks (or more) apart.
    • There will be conspiracy groups trying to get you not to take it. It’s been in the works for a while now, at the time of this writing, we are 1 year past human trials. We have had a version of the Avian flu vaccine since 2009. This is not a new vaccine released within months.
  3. Start H5N1 Safety Protocols to follow when coming from outside.
    1. Have a changing room outside (or use a mudroom).
    2. If you live with others, change masks.
    3. Clean the bottom of your shoes with use quaternary ammonium. The solution I buy has a dilution of 1:512 and a shelf life of 3 years.
      • It’s effective to kill the avian flu in 30 seconds when used at 77F. It will take an hour below freezing and must be combined with food additive grade calcium hydroxide to deactivate the virus in 3 minutes.
    4. Throw your clothes in the washer, use hot water and detergent.
    5. Walk to take a shower.
  4. All surfaces will need to be cleaned regularly, any boxes or bags brought from outside into your “clean room” will likely need to be cleaned before moving them inside. Use the quaternary ammonium solution or a bleach-water solution if you are unable to find it.
  5. At least once a week, or more often as possible, use an Ozone Generator in your home and car to kill all living things (bugs, rodents, bacteria, viruses). DO NOT be in the area while it is running. DO USE a fan or your AC system to circulate the gasses all around your home. Ozone, AKA O3, has a half-life of 30 minutes.

H5N1 Safety Protocols Notes

  • Bleach is good for 1 month after opening. After a month, its disinfectant ability starts to degrade.

  • The H5N1 virus itself, can stay alive, if frozen, for a year.

  • If it is 80F, the H5N1 virus can stay alive for a month.

  • Don’t be a fool and wear a scarf. Unless it is to hide your real mask.

  • This is not a flu from any particular country, it is already a global pandemic affecting animals of all types. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming any particular country for it.

Trivia: Did you know that Covid-19 Omicron (BA.2) has a mortality rate of .3%? This means it kills 3 out of 1000 people. Usually, these are adults over 50. Getting vaccinated actually reduces this number. The Flu, kills 1 per 100k people, comparatively.

The only good thing about H5N1 is the R0 is extremely low (thus far). As long as it does not mix with Omicron, Rhinovirus, or something similar, we should be ok. But if it does mix, and these H5N1 Safety Protocols are not followed, expect a TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It) event.


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