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Prepper eBooks libraryThese Prepper eBooks are either on sale or free. Many of these Prepper eBooks, are free for a limited time. We highly suggest bookmarking this page, and checking back every few days, for the newest Prepper eBooks.

We recommend using a trickle charger with a battery, inside a custom made Faraday cage, to house a backup of all your eBooks. If the power goes out, the battery takes over on keeping the Faraday cage live, until the power kicks back in. This will ensure you never lose any data and the books can be read later, when needed. Convert AZW to ePub so you can use any eReader, phone, tablet, or computer to read these Prepper eBooks at any time.

Prepper eBooks via Amazon 

Note: These books are free when we post them, but the price may go up after that. Kindle Unlimited is not required. Click “Buy Now with 1-Click” to add it to your Amazon cloud library.


  • The Garden of Eden: The Only Book You’ll Need For Mastering the Art of Home Gardening Kindle Edition
  • Home Treatment for Acute Mental Disorders: An Alternative to Hospitalization 1st Edition, Kindle Edition
  • Distillation Control, Optimization, and Tuning: Fundamentals and Strategies 1st Edition, Kindle Edition
  • Self-Sufficient Backyard: Urban Homestead Living: A Primer on Urban Gardening, Mini-Farming and Sustainable Living Kindle Edition
  • The Art of Guerrilla Warfare: 4th Edition [Print Replica] Kindle Edition
  • Foraging Wild Edible Plants: A North America Practical Beginner book for Identifying Medicinal Herbs and Edible Food Plants and understand the Benefit of it. Kindle Edition
  • Chinese Herbal Remedies for Modern Ailments Kindle Edition
  • The Hydroponic Revolution: How to Feed the World in an Urbanized Age: Exploring the Science, Techniques, and Benefits of Sustainable Indoor Agriculture Kindle Edition
  • Herbal Antibiotics: 3 Books in 1 – A Comprehensive Guide to Making Effective Herbal Antibiotics + Effective Herbal Antibiotic Recipes and Treatments + Simple and Effective Herbal Antibiotic Recipes Kindle Edition

Prepper eBooks via Prepper Info

These Prepper eBooks never expire, but as a non-member of this site, you may need to jump through some hoops to download these ebooks. They are either in PDF, Mobi, or ePub. Each of these formats are easily readable with any eReader.

  • How to Build a a Basement Bomb Shelter PDF Download. Plans and instructions. Follow this link if you are a member, to download it easily.

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