RV Living in a Prepper World is a bit different from prepping when you have a home or even a homestead. There are many things to have planned for various contingencies. When you are RV Living, you need to consider 2 main differences between living in an RV and a set place.

RV Living SHTF Scenarios

RV Living in a Prepper WorldIn our scenarios, we are going to make a few assumptions. These are that your RV is self-contained – meaning you already have the ability to solar charge your battery, that you have a way to keep your refrigerator going, and that it is, in fact, movable.

What if there is a rampant biological attack? This biological attack could be man made, or it could be nature made, but it’s something we need to be ready for. The most important factor is having food & water, but also PPE gear. Most importantly, PPE gear will be masks and gloves. Moreover, some sort of way to kill any biological threat within your RV, by using a cleanser such as bleach or alcohol.

Natural Disasters? As it happens, in some cases it’s possible to drive away from natural disasters. The key is to move away as soon as knowledge of an impending disaster is known. However, when tornados are a factor, getting under an underpass and staying there is most significant. For Earthquakes, there’s not much you can do, as we have no warning systems in place. Ultimately, your best move, is to refill your Propane and Gasoline as soon as possible, possibly to leave the disaster area.

Non-Standard RV Living SHTF Scenarios

RV Living in a Prepper World. Preparing for SHTF
Tornado touches down in an RV park

What if total collapse happens? In this case, the object of someone who lives in their RV will be to find an area where not only can they move their RV if the current spot is not ideal. What makes it ideal? You need to be able to plant seeds, have ample water, and a temperate climate zone.

Nuclear War is another threat. With RV living, the best move, is to get as far away from any potential target, as soon as possible. Your RV will NOT be a good place to shelter in place for this kind of attack. Personally, my move will be to head South, towards Mexico.

An Oil Embargo upon your country, or limited supplies, will also be a threat. The threat, here, will be preventing movement without paying an extravagant amount of money for gas or waiting in lines for fuel for hours or even days. It is possible to convert a vehicle to run off Liquid Propane or Natural Gas. For most, it is too high a cost to convert to these types of gasses. However, you can expect a 3/4 ton US truck to get about 9 to 10 MPG on propane. Since propane isn’t normally used on vehicles, this might help you bypass long lines.

RV Living Conclusion

For preppers, RV Living can be a great way to live and prepare for impending doom. As preppers, it is a good idea to have an RV prepped and ready to go. It can be part of a great bug out plan – when bugging-out is appropriate. However, if bugging-in is the plan, then accommodations must be made. One worry when RV Living, is of not being able to properly stock up on food, unless stash houses exist.


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