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3 Reasons to Join Us today as a paid member

Prepper Info has a plan is to offer a more comprehensive information, including what we suggest you purchase. Most of this information comes free to all users. Paid members, will have two tiers. The first tier, will get you access to over 90 gigs of eBooks – including medical books. The second tier will also have the chance to also get access to websites and chat groups which will open your eyes to how to purchase meds such as antibiotics or antivirals as well as some more extensive prepper meds.

Everyone will be able to purchase herbs at this website that can help you reduce pain. We will be offering member discounts. Those who aren’t members will have to pay a higher price.

Should you bug out or bug in? You SHOULD long haul prep (the world IS changing both in climate and politically). We will provide suggested animals. Do you know how to prep your meds, grow a garden, or reduce pain organically? We do! One thing that is very important to me as a prepper, have food to last many months. Find options for water, books to teach new skills, various herbs to replace medications. You can naturally block pain. Our books with help you build a replacement part, fix a tooth, or stitch a wound closed. We will have subscription plans for members. Our books sections has additional resources for building up resources that you WON’T find at any other survivalism website.

How Prepper Info different?

One of the most important features about this site, we won’t keep repeating Prepper Info. We will provide News and Insight into current events and how they will affect you. Wars are a common occurrence, but most preps won’t include recommended weapons. We will provide you information on which weapons to own, and where to keep them.

 Prepare for long term famine

Famine is going to be something which will affect more and more people in the coming years. Your best bet, will be to create a survival garden, and to keep animals. Chickens are a huge prep that keeps giving and giving- but there’s actually better options. Other prepper sites, if you are luck could suggest which breeds, they might even help you build a coop. But is that coop going to protect your animals when your neighbors are hungry? Not at all. As a member here you are going to get our recommendations on how to keep them safe from thieves and weather. What else should you breed to best accomplish your preps? Keep reading this site.

This is hardly a comprehensive list of everything you can expect from Prepper Info, let our posts be the grand explainer. We have over 90gb of eBook guides that we plan to provide for paid members. We will also be providing a way to buy certain meds and herbs which will help you to prepare in all SHTF cases.


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